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Gravel Software is a legal practice management software. Features : - Client Record and Case Management System – Create, Maintain and Find your clients' files and cases. - Document Management System – Store any type of document against a client or a case so that it can be easily accessed. - Time Sheet Management – Resources can easily and quickly allocate their time to particular cases. The amount charged for each item is automatically calculated and can be changed if you wish. You can create your own billing codes or you can use the provided UTBMS codes. - Expenses Management – You can enter expenses against each case. Again, you can create your own expense codes or you can use the provided UTBMS expense codes. - Companion Website - Your customers can see select details of their case on the first of its kind website, A truly amazing feature that allows you to show your client billed and unbilled items allocated to their case. They can view contact histories, invoices and more. Log on to the site and use customer ID '75' and password 'welcome' for a demonstration (do not enter the single quotes). - Automatic Billing System – Within seconds you can produce an invoice for all outstanding billable items and expenses that relate to a client. The invoice is created to PDF and synchronized with the revolutionary web site. - Reminder System - Never forget an important item again. You can ask your state of the art gavel software to send you a reminder by email and/or SMS text message to your cell phone. - Multi User Environment – As you would expect with enterprise level software, you can have as many users of the system as you like ( 32,000 is the actual limit) - Secure System – Only users with the correct credentials can pass through Gavel’s banking level security system. Encrypted passwords are stored locally and cannot be hacked in your lifetime. - Support - Telephone support is provided during Eastern business hours by Radow Law Group of New York. The law firm, Radow Law, is technically backed by the vast software expertise of We believe that software is only as good as the support that is provided with it. Radow Law will help you use your software. If you are having technical difficulties that require engineer support then you simply call the direct number of the Gavel software developer who has been allocated to you. - Free Legal Research - Gavel is integrated with Google scholar. Relevant research is easily associated with a case and so are your additional notes regarding the research piece. - Trust Accounting - A complete system that allows law firms to keep full account of monies held in trust. You also have the ability to maintain many trust accounts across many bank accounts. - Document Merge System - Merges MS-Word documents with your client data. This template (sample template) would produce this MS-Word document (sample merged document) - Local and Remote Architecture Options– Your Gavel system can be installed with any of these architectures:. - Client Server - Cloud - Client Server with Cloud. - Reports - Gavel has a 'state of the art' reporting system that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. - Mailing labels - With Gavel, you can easily create mailing labels for all of your clients. - Default Required Actions for Case/Matter Types - This allows you operate a better and more consistent law practice. When a case or matter is created, depending on what type of case it is,' Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle Accident' for example, then a list of required actions can (optionally) be created for that case. This is the list for this PI case - Conflict of Interest Checking - You can easily search the system for names and partial names. - and more...

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